Travel Agents & Special Payments
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Use this option only if you are making a special payment. The amount must be the one quoted by your agent that you agreed upon.

Once payment has been made you will receive an acknowledgement of payment via e-mail within 24 hours. (48 hours on weekends) from
. Please retain a copy for purpose of receipt.

Service Type

If you want to make your payment by check please Mail the check to:

Charles Schwab
101 Montgomery St
Ms Sf345Cal-12
San Francisco CA 94104

Write your check payable to "Charles Schwab and Co., Inc.", on the face of the check.
Turn the check over and specify the Schwab account 7589-8663.
For example: "For deposit to Charles Schwab account 7589-8663" (it is VERY important to put this number also in the face of the check).
Check must arrive prior your reservation takes part.